Physically Distant but Emotionally Closer Than Ever

Looking forward to starting a new year full of new adventure? This year is radically different …and yet still exciting! Since the pandemic started last year, our community has been adapting, changing and striving towards protecting the health of our Residents. Thankfully, our team is full of proactive minds and positive attitudes which helps us provide exceptional individualized care. We are proud to say we have affirmed our community’s commitment to the safety of our Residents.

“My associates and I are going above and beyond to follow the protocols necessary to keep our Residents healthy now and into the future,” says Mike Silverman, Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Pointe. “We are working tirelessly to keep our minds and bodies healthy in order to properly serve our community. Because of the high levels of dedication we have towards our Residents, we are strictly following best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, we have adopted testing, tracing and screening for our Residents and staff,” says Mike.

“Recently, outside members of Heritage Pointe and their loved ones have been contemplating making the transition to senior living because of the current pandemic,” says Mike. “But, I am here to reassure seniors and their families that now is as safe of a time as ever to make the move. I may be biased, but our Heritage Pointe staff have been a proactive fighter these past several months. On January 25th we hosted the first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine for all our Residents and staff in a seamless way without long lines to wait on. We have the second dose scheduled for February 15th,” says Mike.

While there are dozens of reasons why moving to a senior living community makes sense right now, we have narrowed it down to five. We understand that the current pandemic is at the top of everyone’s worry list, so let’s put our senior living community to the test and compare it to life at home.

  1. The Benefits of the Vaccine

Senior living communities are among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. In fact, seniors within these communities are much more likely to receive the vaccine than those living at home. As it has been explained, the benefits of the vaccine outweigh perceived risks. Heritage Pointe gives the vaccine 100% support and all staffers will roll up their sleeves after our Residents receive it. According to the CDC, the vaccine will help reduce the chances of contracting the disease and is a much safer and effective way to build protection from it.

  1. Keeping Your Social Life Alive and Well

Our motto at Heritage Pointe is to keep our Residents ‘physically distant, not socially distant.’ If battling the pandemic at home, it may involve months of isolation and a lack of outside communication. However, Residents at communities such as Heritage Pointe continue to be involved in community activities and social events. As you are reading this, we are finding safer ways for our Residents to interact and connect with each other and their families.

  1. Peace of Mind

It can be challenging while living at home to accomplish basic tasks with ease and safety in mind during the current pandemic. Some of these everyday activities may include going on a walk, getting groceries or seeing the grandchildren. It also could be that in order to stay healthy, these are no longer trips that are possible during COVID-19. On the contrary, here at Heritage Pointe, we make all of the above safely possible.

  1. Accessible Health Services

Heritage Pointe has many different health services offered throughout the community that do not require driving. This is easier than attempting to find transportation for either a routine checkup or during a moment of crisis. We offer: a 24/7 café, fitness center with on-site trainers and classes, on-site physical therapist, private rooms for family gatherings and a swimming pool with aquatic classes. It is our mission to be safe not only in reactive moments of health crises, but also in proactive moments by supplying clean and senior-friendly fitness opportunities to keep our Residents’ hearts and minds healthy.

  1. Committed Staff and Community

The mental weight lifted by being surrounded by supportive and caring staff 24/7 is hard to beat. For seniors living at home, it may feel like a hassle to ask loved ones or friends to assist them in moments where support is needed, but at a senior living community such as Heritage Pointe, love and assistance is just an arms-length away. Our staff’s love for our Residents is inspiring. Pandemic or not, we are constantly adapting and learning the best ways to care for our community.

Thank you to our amazing community, staff, Residents, friends and families for supporting us during these difficult times. We continue to do our best to provide the highest levels of care no matter challenges we face ahead.


Founded more than 30 years ago, Heritage Pointe provides the highest quality assisted living and memory care services to seniors in Orange County. Welcoming to those of all faiths, Heritage Pointe is Orange County’s only community rooted in Jewish culture, tradition and values.

For those who need some level of support to live their best lives, Heritage Pointe inspires independence and wellness through an extraordinary lifestyle, high-quality care and rich traditions. It’s a trusted, joyful community offering a lifestyle filled with possibilities – wherever a Resident may be on their senior living journey.

Our one-of-a-kind, nonprofit community is open to people of all backgrounds and faiths. Our mission is focused on our Residents and their independence, health, safety, comfort and happiness. Heritage Pointe has deep roots in this community and is committed to providing Residents with the best possible lifestyle and care both now and well into the future.

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