Diamond Donor Society


In 1993, Leo Pinsky, of blessed memory, created our Diamond Donor Program to support Residents in need of financial assistance. The goal of the program was to enroll at least 100 donors (or companies) that would each commit to an annual donation of $1000 for 10 years – totaling a $1 million..

A Sparkling Evolution

In 2016, a new Leo Pinsky, of blessed memory, Diamond Donor Endowment Fund was created. With a one-time legacy gift of $25,000, a Donor would endow their Diamond in perpetuity. The annual interest income would be used to support our Residents in need, while the existing corpus continues to increase. Three years later, we mark the 26th anniversary of the Diamond Donor Society with 18 Endowed Diamonds, 120 Diamond Donors and five Carat Members. All levels support the Heritage Fund, formerly the Resident Assistance Fund that supports our Residents in need.

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Watch giving in action … take a moment to enjoy our special event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our Diamond Donor Society.

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LEO PINSKY, of blessed memory,

Nancy & Irving Chase
Said Cohen Foundation
Sandy & Allan (z”l) Fainbarg
Steven Fainbarg
Roberta Feuerstein

Bonnie & Brion Jeannette
Nancy & Leonard Joseph
Claire Koff (z”l)
Jacquee & Mel Lipson
Ann & Joel (z”l) Moskowitz
Sheila & Leo (z”l) Pinsky

Meili & Michael Pinto
Meryl & Henry Schrimmer
Phyllis (z”l) & Sidney (z”l) Schulman
Wayne Schwartzman
Linda & Jean Stern
Roz & Elliot Vogelfanger


Lori and Jonathan Abelove
Judy & Phil Binder
Tamar & Martin Brower
Denny Denkensohn
Judy Devor
Shirley Deutsch
Ellen & John Dieterich
Shirley Feiwell
Diane & Elliot Feuerstein
Jane & Dennis Fischel
Arlene & Steve Fienberg
Liz Feinman
Aviva & Fred Forster
Bonnie Gillman
Jeanette & Roger Glazer
Adrienne & Stuart Green
Jodi & Martin Greenbaum
Linda & Gary Greene
Audrey & Rob Greenfield
Renee & Peter Horner
Helene & Howard Kahan
Barbara Kaitz
Sue & Richard Katz
Adelyn & Dennis Klarin
Leba & Gary Kramer
Sue & Milton Legome
Lisa & Todd Litman
Harriet & Herb Malmon
Linda & Frank Meyskens
Marlene Mitnick
Cindy & David Mirsky
Allison Pinsky & Bill Alvarez
Charlotte Pinsky
Ellen Pinsky
Eva & Lloyd Pinsky
Eileen & Steve Pinsky
Barbara & Bill Pisetsky
Daphne Poltorak
Sherry & Herb Rettinger
Joan & Bernard Rome
Winnie & Shelly Ross
Myra Rubin
Muffy & Chuck Rudner
Megan & David Schrimmer
Sandi & Arthur Selvan
Marla Siegel & Lon Vinikoor
Mimi & Mike Silverman
Beth Slavin
Valerie & Howard Sloane
Ilene & Gerald Spear
Diane & Howard Spielman
Jill & David Susson
Madeline & Doug Walker
Elaine Warren
Teryl & David Zarnow


Adam Silverman
Jeremy Silverman
Adam Silverman
Jeremy Silverman


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