Community Life

Life here is about so much more than a beautiful Orange County campus, it is about our people and our robust activities …

The People.

At Heritage Pointe, you’ll meet new friends who are musicians, artists, engineers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, parents and grandparents – people from all professions, with many viewpoints, and a shared desire to continuing living a meaningful, purposeful life.

The Activities

You’ll enjoy a full schedule of cultural, political, social, and wellness programming at Heritage Pointe. In addition to the daily calendar of programming, there are outings and scheduled trips to a variety of performance arts venues and structured classes available.


Life at Heritage Pointe is all about socialization and friendships. We believe there are many, many benefits to living a socially active lifestyle – and science agrees. People who are more social not only live happier but longer too. So we help everyone – no matter their age or ability – keep those connections and friendships strong!

Heritage Pointe always has a high-quality lifestyle — even in the most challenging of times. They lift so much concern from us, and we appreciate the great job.

Debbie and Rick Vogel

Alice Strauss’ daughter and son-in-law