Hanukkah Baskets at Gift Shop

Hanukkah is Whole Latke Fun!


What if you could finish your Hanukkah shopping early this year? You could focus on catching up with family and friends. And digging out the last of the leftover candle wax in the menorah so everything fits just right.

Hanukkah starts in November this year, and Heritage Pointe can help!

The beautiful Heritage Pointe Gift Shop has many items for the holidays, and are ready to wrap it up just for you.


Hanukkah Hugs   $12.00 :  Hanukkah special mug, filled with chocolate gelt and Hershey’s kisses


Hanukkah Delight   $36.00: Hanukkah tray, plush stuffed dog, big dreidel filled with chocolate gelt, Kosher cookies, and an electric Hanukkah night light.


Hanukkah Joy:   $54.00:  Hanukkah ceramic platter, plush Hanukkah dog, grape juice, Kosher biscuits, chocolate filled dreidel and a décor item to hang.


Hanukkah Special:   $72.00:  Hanukkah tray, Plush Hanukkah dog, large boxed Kosher Tea set, cute mug with honey, grape juice, dreidel, chocolate gelt, Kosher biscuits and preserves, a chocolate bar, and an electric Hanukkah night light.

Send a Gift Basket to your favorite Resident at Heritage Pointe! We can customize it based on your advice, and deliver it for free!

If you would like a gift basket delivered elsewhere in Orange County, there is a flat $5.00 fee.

What a perfect way to celebrate and also help Heritage Pointe!


Proceeds go to help Seniors in need.


To order, email [email protected]. This holiday promotion is available through December 6, 2021. All credit cards accepted.


Thanks a Latke!