Difficult Decisions: Assisted Living vs. Aging in Place

When seniors begin to consider their future care plans, they are often torn between remaining in the home that they love and are familiar with and moving to an assisted living community where they can receive care and support while enjoying an independent lifestyle. While the answer may not be the same for everyone, it’s clear that it’s not always a cut-and-dry problem. In fact, it can be downright difficult to decide for many.

Mike Silverman, Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Pointe, a senior living community offering exceptional lifestyles in the Jewish tradition, states that many wait to move to an assisted living community until they absolutely need to. “While it’s nice that this is an option, it’s often not soon enough to enjoy everything that a senior living community has to offer,” he states. “Residents at Heritage Pointe often wonder why they didn’t make the move sooner, and it’s easy to see why thanks to our lifestyle, but for those considering whether or not to make the move, it often requires more research and comparison. This is why we’ve broken down some of the top differences between assisted living and aging in place so we can help you make an informed decision based on your own needs and wants.”

When it comes to choosing whether or not to remain at home or enjoy a community lifestyle, it’s important to make a decision with both your current health and future care needs in mind. Try to plan ahead as much as possible, consider the costs associated with each option and evaluate how you’d like to see yourself in the future. At the end of the day, this difficult decision is one that you’ll need to make to ensure you’re living your best life complete with everything you need and want. Consider some of the following differences in lifestyles to help guide you in your decisions.

A Difference in Lifestyle

At a senior living community such as Heritage Pointe, seniors are able to live as independently as possible with assistance available if and when it’s needed. Those who remain at home may be able to live independently at the time; however, as care needs change, it may become harder to be independent, do the things they love and remain at home. This can not only cause many more headaches down the road, but it can also make it less likely that they can enjoy their engaging and vibrant assisted living lifestyle.

Future Care May Look Different

Care and support are available right on site in assisted living communities, whereas at home someone is paid to come in during set hours. This can be costly as care needs increase, while those in assisted living communities can enjoy the high-quality care of a specially trained team whether they need assisted living or even memory care later on.

As seniors age and potentially need some types of memory support, they may be required to make a move to a senior living community to ensure a safe, enriching lifestyle. Moving later on can be even more difficult, emotional, stressful and costly, whereas at an assisted living community, it’s a natural transition within the community you know and love.

Costs Can Vary Greatly

One of the reasons many seniors wait to make a move is because of initial costs. While it’s true that moving to assisted living can seem costly, it’s often only slightly higher than the costs of remaining at home – and is sometimes even lower!

Add up the cost of your mortgage or rent, home insurance, utilities, groceries, your car, car insurance, entertainment, costs of maintenance and upkeep and any other expenses that you may have. Then factor in the costs of care. Totaling this up and comparing the costs to living in an assisted living community may surprise you.

Socialization May Become Easier or More Difficult

As health needs and abilities change, it may be harder to enjoy social opportunities, spend time with family or go to visit friends. This may cause you to rely on those who can come visit you and can leave you depressed and even isolated. At assisted living communities, there is an array of programs and activities to enjoy with multiple people to enjoy them with.

Your Lifestyle May or May Not Be as Worry-Free as You Hoped

When the unexpected happens and you live alone, you need to rely on others to help out. From grocery shopping to picking up prescriptions, it’s not fun to coordinate times with loved ones to get what you need when you need it. At assisted living communities, that’s simply not a problem you have. Everything is taken care of for you. Enjoy delicious kosher meals cooked for you, have your prescriptions managed and delivered to you, and instead of paying someone to do your yardwork and maintenance, enjoy knowing that it will be taken care of. Assisted living helps seniors to remain worry-free and have peace of mind knowing that they have access to everything they need and more.

Your Friends and Family May or May Not Have Better Peace of Mind

When you decide to keep living alone, your friends and family may understand your decision, but it may cause them to worry, be nervous for your health and wellness and become concerned that you may not be living the lifestyle you truly deserve. Assisted living communities can help friends and family feel as though you are safe, all your needs are being cared for and that you are engaged and connected. In fact, many family members share that the comfort and peace of mind that they have knowing their loved one is living in an assisted living community is priceless and that it gives them time with their loved one back as they are no longer serving as a caregiver.


Founded more than 30 years ago, Heritage Pointe provides the highest quality assisted living and memory care services to seniors in Orange County. Welcoming to those of all faiths, Heritage Pointe is Orange County’s only community rooted in Jewish culture, tradition and values.

For those who need some level of support to live their best lives, Heritage Pointe inspires independence and wellness through an extraordinary lifestyle, high-quality care, and rich traditions. It’s a trusted, joyful community offering a lifestyle filled with possibilities – wherever a Resident may be on their senior living journey.

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