Rabbi Sherman Weekly Torah Commentary January 20-21, 2023 (21 Tevet 5783)

January 20-21, 2023                                                                                                          Parashat Va’era

21 Tevet 5783                                                                                               Shabbat Mevarkhim Chodesh

When the Holy One commands Moses to speak to Pharaoh and tell him the free to Hebrew slaves, Moses is filled with self-doubt. He worries that if his own people won’t listen to him, then certainly Pharaoh would not listen to him either. Further, Moses claims: “va’ani aral s’fatayim – I have impeded speech.”

Scholars usually interpret this to mean that Moses had a physical speech impediment such as a stutter. But maybe it was something more. the Sefat Emet, Rabbi of the Chasidic community in Ger, Poland in the late 1800s, wrote: “Only if there are those who are prepared to listen is it possible to speak, because the leader’s power is derived from the people.” Rabbi David Ingber of Manhattan takes this a step further, saying it applies to all of us in our time—that a person’s very ability to speak is dependent upon having a listener. Since no one will listen to Moses, his lips become weighed shut with unspoken words.

 Have you ever had something important to say and couldn’t find anyone to listen?

Shabbat Mevarkhim HaChodesh
This Shabbat we bless the new month of Shvat, which will begin Sunday night and Monday.

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Rabbi Sherman