Partnership Spotlight: California State University at Long Beach

Residents are not the only lifelong learners! Heritage Pointe has partnered with CSULB for the next five years to allow college students to get practical fieldwork experience working with seniors. Beginning last semester during the height of the pandemic, students in Gerontology 400 were able to work on 100% remote projects for Heritage Pointe. Researching and creating online programs for Residents, including  personal video introductions to the topics, were broadcast on our in-house closed-circuit channel 1963.

This semester, Gerontology students are back, and able to create on-site programs for Residents in limited capacity (due to COVID restrictions). Additionally, students from a “Research and Justice” intensive writing class will be interviewing Residents throughout the semester to learn about topics such as anti-Semitism, the evolution of gender roles, and the effects of pandemics on society. All of these CSULB students have each committed to spend 15-20 hours on projects that involve Heritage Pointe.

We look forward to getting to know all of these college students throughout the semester!