How Assisted Living Helps Seniors Remain Safe

What do you and your loved ones want most after a lifetime of working and caring for others? Why, that’s easy – safety, security and happiness throughout their golden years. Assisted living communities like what you’ll find at Heritage Pointe are the perfect solution, says Mike Silverman, Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Pointe, a senior living community offering exceptional lifestyles in the Jewish tradition.

“In honor of National Safety Month, we wanted to highlight how senior loved ones can benefit from the safety and security offered by assisted living services,” he says. “Assisted living communities like Heritage Pointe offer social connection, a lifestyle that’s productive and fulfilling, complete safety and the right amount of support to seniors who need a little extra assistance but still want to remain independent.”

Have you or an older loved one been considering moving into an assisted living community but have been hesitating because you’ve been concerned with safety? Mike says that it actually makes sense to move now rather than later.

“Many older people don’t want to move to assisted living because they believe it means they’re giving up,” he says. “However, Residents will tell you that they’ve actually gained a new level of independence and safety moving into our assisted living community. It allows them to enjoy a  variety of perks, such as maintenance-free living, while also getting the support they need to live as securely as possible.”


Safety Benefits from Moving to Assisted Living

The ability to age in place.

Ask any older person about what they want for their golden years, and many of them will say that they want to age in place “at home.” Today’s assisted living communities are set up to do just that. Seniors who move to Heritage Pointe will enjoy private residences, delicious dining, engaging activities and incredible socialization opportunities. Best of all, the community is designed to meet their specific needs – meaning things like one-story floor plans, secure walkways, emergency systems and so much more are de rigueur. Moving here means you’ll get to keep your independence for as long as possible, even if you need a little extra help from time to time.

A healthier nutrition plan.

Let’s face it – healthy eating gets harder and harder as we get older. Sure, we understand the importance of eating in a certain way in order to stay healthy. But as we get older, making balanced meals feels like a lot of work. Many older adults end up dining on frozen foods, processed items or simply don’t eat at all if they’re not hungry. This can lead to a wide variety of physical, emotional and mental issues, including malnutrition, a lowered immune system, depression and declining cognitive function. On the other hand, dining in assisted living gives you access to an on-site chef who prepares made-to-order dishes tailored to your tastes, nutritional needs and preferences. Best of all, you don’t have to grocery shop, prep, cook or clean up – it’s all taken care of for you.

Better social connections.

Seniors often experience a shrinking social group due to a variety of things: people moving away, passing away or having difficulty getting out because of health issues. Ironically, being social becomes even more essential as we get older, right at the time that it becomes more difficult. Loneliness and isolation result in an increased risk of health issues like stress, anxiety, cognitive illness and many other complications. Moving into an assisted living community gives seniors the opportunity to form and nurture new relationships with others in the same stage of life. It’s easy to do, too – you don’t have to even leave the community.

No extra chores.

“Chores” isn’t something we necessarily think of when it comes to staying safe. But think about all the things that have to be done on a regular basis to keep a home safe and secure. Laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, home repairs … There are a lot of little things that can pile up. Older adults may not be able to do these things as efficiently or as safely as they did in the past. This can lead to them not getting done, which can lead to hazardous conditions – or, even if they can get them done, there’s always the risk of getting hurt (falling off a ladder, slipping on a floor mat – that sort of thing). Assisted living takes all those chores off your or your loved one’s to-do list. Not only does that mean you or your loved one don’t have to worry about doing the work, but it also gives you back all sorts of time that you can use to do things you want to do instead of things you have to do.

Helping hands available 24/7.

Seniors and their adult children often worry about safety. What happens if Mom or Dad falls in the middle of the night and can’t get to a phone to call for help? No one wants to feel helpless in their home, but it’s always a risk if you live alone. In assisted living, that fear goes away. You’ll find a full staff of caring professionals available around the clock so that if anything is ever needed – whether an emergency situation or not – someone is there within moments to provide the support and service you need.

A community built for the needs of aging adults.

Assisted living provides seniors the chance to truly age in place in their home. That’s because communities like Heritage Pointe are designed with the needs of aging adults in mind. That means things like stairs, tripping hazards and other non-senior-friendly design elements are eliminated. Instead, you’ll find a home with things like pull bars, wide hallways that accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, and all sorts of details that are designed to make it easy to navigate and do the things you want to do.

In short, assisted living doesn’t just help seniors feel safe. It helps them be happier and healthier, too. At Heritage Pointe, we provide caring, worry-free services that make life as enjoyable as possible, no matter how much or little help you may require.

“Assisted living at Heritage Pointe is both luxurious and comfortable,” says Mike. “We are a community where seniors are empowered to live their best lives. To do this, we provide personal care, support and assistance with the activities of daily living so Residents can remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. As a result, Residents remain active and in control of their own lives while enjoying access to a host of convenient services and amenities.”


Founded more than 30 years ago, Heritage Pointe provides the highest quality assisted living and memory care to seniors in Orange County. Welcoming to those of all faiths, Heritage Pointe is Orange County’s only senior community rooted in Jewish culture, tradition and values.

For those who need some level of support to live their best lives, Heritage Pointe inspires independence and wellness through an extraordinary lifestyle, high-quality care and rich traditions. It’s a trusted, joyful community offering a lifestyle filled with possibilities – wherever a Resident may be on their senior living journey.

Our one-of-a-kind, nonprofit community is open to people of all backgrounds and faiths. Our mission is focused on our Residents and their independence, health, safety, comfort and happiness. Heritage Pointe has deep roots in this community and is committed to providing Residents with the best possible lifestyle and care both now and well into the future.

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