From Generation to Generation at Heritage Pointe

(pictured here is Barbara’s mother and father on their wedding day)

July 13, 2023

Barbara met Al at the age fourteen. She initially fixed him up with her good friend. When WW II broke out, Al went off to war. Upon his return, he and Barb happened to see each other, hugged and the rest is history.

Barb and Al were married on July 4, 1948 in Las Vegas initially and then had another ceremony with a Rabbi officiating in the months that followed. 2023 marks their 75th wedding anniversary. Barb and Al have 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters, 1 great granddaughter. All live in South Orange County.

Before relocating to Mission Viejo, Barb and Al lived in Rancho Mirage and were avid golfers. They felt as though they were missing many family activities so decided to move to Heritage Pointe in 2020.

Both Barb and Al grew up in Los Angeles, Al was born in New Jersey and Barb was born in Canada. Barb’s Father was a tailor and is one of two children. Al is also one of 2 children, and his father was a tailor.

Al’s sister lived at Heritage Pointe and Barb’s mother lived at Heritage Pointe. Barb recalls visiting her Mom here at Heritage Pointe before her mother passed away in 2003. Barb recalls that her Mom lived at Heritage Pointe for six years. How wonderful to see two beautiful generations of Heritage Pointe residents in this family!

Barb shared she would like to outlive her Mom, Lilly, who passed away at the age of 104. Barb enjoys working out in the gym, and participating in Activities. Barb mentioned that she once entered a poetry writing contest with the Los Angeles Times along with hundreds of other applicants and won the contest coming in first place! As a special treat, here is her poem:

I just looked out the window

It took my breath away

While I have many chores to do

Something made me stay

Across the verdant fairway

Beyond the towering trees

The mountains stood in glory

It brought me to my knees

Sunlight kissed the flowers

Dew drops brightly glistening

Birds were chirping softly

They knew that I was listening

Reading on the patio

Was the man I love

Oh, so many blessings

For me from God above

It suddenly came over me

Such a lovely life

Great grandma, grandma, mother

And a long time wife

What’s outside your window?

Take the time to see

You too can have this feeling

It just happened to me

–Barbara Fink