Rabbi Sherman’s Weekly Torah Commentary – September 10-11, 2021 (5 Tishrei 5782)

September 10-11, 2021                                                                               Parashat Vayeilech
5 Tishrei 5782                                                                                              Shabbat Shuva

If you’ve ever thought Torah was only for other people and not for you, this week’s Torah portion might convince you otherwise. Knowing he will soon die and accepting that eventuality as natural, Moses passes on his leadership to Joshua. Moses instructs all the people to learn from the Torah’s teachings. His message is clear that the Torah belongs to everyone, not just the elite and not just leaders. We also learn that simply learning Torah is not sufficient; we also must make sure it gets transmitted to future generations.

Shabbat Shuva – On the Shabbat between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, we focus on themes of repentance. This is the time to ask for and grant forgiveness.

SPECIAL NOTE: Friday night services will be at 6:30 PM each week through November.
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Friday at 5:15 PM Blessings in Dining Room:
Friday at 6:30 PM: Kabbalat Shabbat & Ma’ariv (Evening Service)
Saturday at 10:00 AM: Shabbat Shacharit (Morning Service)
Saturday at 12:15 PM: Blessings in Dining Room

Candle lighting time for the city of Mission Viejo: Friday evening at 6:45 PM
Shabbat ends Saturday evening at 7:39 PM

Candle lighting time for Yom Kippur: Wednesday evening at 6:38 PM
Yom Kippur ends Wednesday at 7:32 PM

Shabbat Shalom & Shana Tova!                                                            Rabbi Sherman