Rabbi Sherman’s Weekly Torah Commentary – November 5-6, 2021 (2 Kislev 5782)


November 5-6, 2021                                                                                                   Shabbat Toldot
2 Kislev 5782                                                                                       


A bowl of hot lentil stew is a perfect recipe for a cold evening. This week we read that Jacob prepared lentil stew and sold it to his brother Esau in exchange for the birthright. Today, Birthright is a special program that enables young people to travel to Israel at extremely low cost. The program is named for the birthright of biblical times, which bestowed the right to be recognized as the firstborn child and receive the family leadership and authority that accompanied that right.


Lentils are a traditional mourner’s food. A midrash (story) relates that when Esau saw Jacob cooking lentils, Esau asked: “What is the meaning of this food?” Jacob responded: “The Elder (Abraham, their grandfather) has died.” The midrash relates that mourners would consume lentils during the mourning period. Rashi explains that the roundness of the lentils represents the cycle of life. Rabbi Louis Ginzberg adds: “As the lentil rolls, so death, sorrow and mourning constantly roll about among men, from one to the other.” Across the generations, lentil stew has served up comfort.



Please join in this week’s Shabbat celebrations on Channel 1960 and limited seating will be available in the Synagogue. (Masks required in Synagogue; no cell phones please)


Friday at 5:15 PM: Shabbat Blessings in Dining Room

Friday at 6:30 PM: Birthday Shabbat Service, blessings for Residents with November birthdays

Saturday at 10:00 AM: Shabbat Shacharit (Morning Service); Blessings in Dining Room at 12:00


Service Times – Residents completed a survey several weeks ago regarding the timing of Shabbat evening services. Some preferred a later service, following dinner. Some preferred an earlier service, prior to dinner. In an attempt to accommodate all our Residents’ needs, we decided at that time to hold later services when sunset occurs late, and earlier services when sunset occurs early. This week will be our last “late” evening service for the season. Beginning November 11 (after Daylight Saving time ends), Friday night services will begin at 4:15 PM.

 Friday, November 11 service will be led by Cantor Fran Chalin

Saturday, November 12 service will be led by Wendy Lupul


Torah Talk – Shabbat afternoon at 1:30 PM in the Music Room (Limited seating; masks required)


Candle lighting time for the city of Mission Viejo: Friday evening at 5:36 PM

Shabbat ends Saturday evening at 6:32 PM

Shabbat Shalom                                                                                               Rabbi Sherman