Rabbi Sherman’s Weekly Torah Commentary – November 27-28, 2020 (12 Kislev 5781)

November 27-28, 2020
12 Kislev 5781
Parashat Vayetzei                

Yom Hodu Sameach – Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is not just something we practice at our Thanksgiving tables. Gratitude is a central value in Jewish tradition.

The Sages wrote that it is forbidden to derive benefit from the world without first offering a blessing. And the Talmud teaches that each person is obligated to say 100 blessings each day, thereby ensuring that we find gratitude daily. This is easier than it may sound! There are blessings to say when we wake up and when we go to sleep, before and after we eat, and when we encounter beauty in nature. There is even a blessing to say when we see an unusual-looking person! We make it a point to focus on gratitude, not just for turkey and for stuffing, but for things we see and do all day every day, lest we forget all the blessings we enjoy in life.

Join me on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM for “Shmoozing with Rabbi Sherman.”

All are welcome – limited seating in the Synagogue, audio only on Channel 1960.

Bring your curiosity, an open mind, and whatever Jewish thoughts are on your mind this week.

Please note a change in this week’s Shabbat celebrations: All services are on Channel 1960:

Friday at 7:00 PM

Shabbat Ma’ariv (Evening Service) with Cantor David Reinwald and

Temple Beth Sholom of Orange County

Saturday at 10:00 AM

Shabbat Shacharit (Morning Service) with Rabbi Elie Spitz and

Congregation B’nai Israel in Tustin

Thank you to Cantor Reinwald and Rabbi Spitz and their congregations for welcoming us!

Candle lighting time for the city of Mission Viejo:

Friday evening at 4:27 PM

Shabbat ends Saturday evening at 5:24 PM


Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Sherman