Rabbi Sherman’s Weekly Torah Commentary – November 13-14, 2020 (27 Cheshvan 5781)

November 13-14, 2020
27 Cheshvan 5781

Parashat Chayei Sarah
Shabbat Mevarkhim Ha-chodesh

It is no coincidence that the Torah portion that speaks of Sarah’s death is called “the Life of Sarah.” While Jews may have different concepts of and beliefs in life after death, most agree that Jewish tradition focuses more on life itself than on what comes next. Rabbi Donald Rosoff sums this up by saying we are more concerned with “life after birth.” The way we live our lives will impact future generations—through the people we’ve touched and the things we’ve done during our lifetime. Rabbi Harold Schulweis calls this the “immorality of influence.” Sarah and Abraham died, but we, their descendants, remain. Because of their choices and actions, we are their immortality. This may be one reason for the Talmudic teaching: “The righteous in their death are called living” (Berachot 18a). We refer to Sarah as if she were still alive because of the righteous way she lived her life.

Questions for Reflection:
1. In what ways do you represent the values of our ancestors?
2. For what actions would you like to be remembered?

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Shabbat Mevarkhim Ha-chodesh
This week we bless the new month of Kislev, which will begin Monday night.

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Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Sherman