Happy New Year, Happy New Heritage Pointe

A Message From Mike Silverman, CEO

We are fast approaching the New Year and with it realistic expectations about the future of Heritage Pointe. The pandemic has affected every person and business these last two years. Storefronts are empty, businesses are struggling to find employees, our entire way of life has been negatively impacted.

At Heritage Pointe, the pandemic effectively put a stop to admissions of new Residents. With a highly vulnerable population of seniors on the campus, families chose to keep their loved ones at home and care for them personally. In 2020, we admitted 24 Residents. This year, we have admitted 61 Residents. We are doing many things right and I will take a moment to explain them:

  • During Covid, we followed and continue to follow stringent regulations and protocols to keep our Residents and staff safe.
  • We took advantage of the slower admissions process and worked tirelessly to update our 31-year old Assisted Living facility. Apartments were provided complete make-overs including fresh paint, new countertops, cabinets, lightings, window blinds, sinks and showers, etc. According to Caring.com, there are 440 Assisted Living facilities throughout Orange County. Many are new and/or in process of being finished and we must remain competitive with them.
  • Our quality of care is second to none and now our physical environment rivals the newest facilities being built. We have positioned ourselves as the best choice for every Jewish senior in Orange County needing care.
  • With the staffing shortages affecting every industry, Heritage Pointe needed to use agency personnel to help care for our Residents. Aside from being enormously costly, these caregivers did not know our Residents, their daily routines, their families, and they did not have a personal connection with them. We have provided monetary increases to our HealthCare staff so that we can be more attractive to staff seeking employment in this industry and also to retain the exceptional staff we currently have.

heritage pointe Sage Living logo in blue green purpleAnd now we move onto Sage Living – the newest neighborhood on our campus that will provide a level of care for those needing more attention and more interventions by staff each day to live their best lives. This is a cutting-edge neighborhood not available in other facilities and we visioned this because we know how important it is that we maintain our community seniors in a Jewish environment that excels in every aspect of senior care and senior living.

Skilled nursing facilities in Orange County have a poor reputation. Sage Living is an alternative that will effectively eliminate the need to use a Nursing Home. There are medical procedures that we cannot perform on our campus due to regulations and our licensure restrictions, but there is so much more we can do. The Sage Living neighborhood will make this a reality.

Thank you for your continuing support of Heritage Pointe. Our Residents are blessed to have you looking out for them.