From My Pointe Of View (May 2022)

My Pointe of View

Are we truly “short staffed”?

Since the pandemic began, every industry has been affected by a reduced number of applicants for available positions. The impact of this on healthcare has been incredible. Every facility, doctor’s office, hospital, home care agency, etc. are competing for the same talent and the pool is very shallow. But it seems that home care agency’s have staff that are available to work – why is that?

Home care agency’s offer a very important benefit that affects many individual’s lifestyle – flexibility. When someone works for an agency, they are not routinely assigned to a location but rather asked if they can fill a space. They can decline and another agency staff person steps up to fill that slot.

A common misconception is that the agencies are paying more for their staff than facilities like ours. That is actually not always true – it may be in some situations. Agencies charge clients a cost that covers the employee’s compensation and also assists in covering overhead. So, when connecting with an agency, the charge may be $30-$35 per hour for a companion or caregiver when that person is actually receiving approximately $18 per hour.

Heritage Pointe does not work “short”. We fill all positions required on a shift with our staff – and augment them with agency personnel when necessary. It is a much higher cost for us, but we realize the importance of providing proper care and that can only happen with adequate staff. Heritage Pointe always requests the same agency staff for our facility so that our Residents are comfortable with the caregivers we have. It takes time to learn individual Resident routines and when the staff are consistently present – the process of care moves smoothly and comfortably.

As I am writing this I am very pleased to say that we have 11 employees in the process of being hired. This is outstanding! We want the caregivers to be part of the Heritage Pointe team and we know you do too.

So – Heritage Pointe does not work “short”. Our shifts are filled with trained caregivers that work for Heritage Pointe and for agencies and we are moving, as aggressively as the employment market will permit, to staff each shift position with a Heritage Pointe employee. It takes time but we remain focused on this. Our Residents deserve the very best!!

Thank You – who are reading this – for making Heritage Pointe an important part of your life.