From My Pointe Of View (June 2022)

From My Pointe of View

With nicer weather comes more outside activities and more opportunities for gatherings, events, and programs. I am very pleased to announce that we are finalizing our plan to expand the Activities Department so we can create more options for our Residents to participate in.

We know from experience that our Residents like choices – not everyone wants to participate in Bingo or crafts projects. Our plan is to have more choices for those that want to stay active – physically and mentally. More games, more outings, more entertainment, more stimulation and more fun!!

With additional staff, we can schedule more small and large group activities. We will be able to do more outings for those that choose to dine out, go shopping, sightseeing, etc.

And our Activities Department will also provide additional programming for the Memory Care neighborhood and forthcoming SAGE neighborhood focusing on each group’s individual needs and desires. I am very confident that you will all be extremely pleased with our new programing schedule – so stay tuned for more updates!!!


Mike Silverman